Rice Bran Enzyme Bath

Rice Bran Enzyme Bath

We, Wellness Life Project, developed a rice bran enzyme spa with our own technology. ・
If we ferment rice bran with useful microorganisms that we have uniquely formulated R & D, the temperature will be about 65 ° C. Neither gas nor electricity use external energy.

This fermented rice bran is a health method to warm your whole body. As a result, it is said to be effective in increasing body temperature, activating the immune system, and enhancing natural healing power.
・ Currently, five spas of Baan Tao style are operating in Thailand and Japan. We have plans to spread to Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, etc. in the near future.

Effect of Rice Bran Enzyme Bath

The enzyme spa has various effects depending on the enzyme itself produced by fermenting organic matter and the heat generated during fermentation. (Effects vary between individuals.)

Improvement of natural healing power and immunity (from both enzyme and heat)

  • Diet effect
  • Detox effect (Just 15 minutes of bathing will produce the same amount of sweat as running for 2 hours)
  • Skin smooth effect
  • Whitening effect
  • Keep body temperature high (it is said to prevent cancer)
  • Deep sleep
  • Improvement of atopy
  • Improvement of stiff shoulders, low back pain and coldness
  • Improvement of menstrual pain and irregularities
  • Improvement of body odor and aging odor (because waste in the body is easily discharged)
  • Improvement of hay fever
    ・ Until now, it was only for business use, but there were many requests for individual use, so we decided to start trial service  for the elderly, those with a history of illness, and those who want their own personal habit in our neighborhood.
    ・ If you wish to try,please enter your desired visit date and time in the format below. Or please kindly call 02-747-7692,089-846-3638.